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Her-Etage: The Abandoned Leisure

Design Competition | Fall 2015

Landscape Architecture Competition

Leisure, to most of us, means a change in pace and place in the usual routine.  Studies prove that public spaces are most functional when they meet the recreational needs of the everyday schedule rather than those manicured gardens located in one isolated corner of the city. The capital city lacks large-scale public spaces saved from the web of private sectors charging for their quality socio-leisure time.


The concept is to intervene in the unseen abandoned structures amongst the designed urban fabric and convert the ‘ugly’ gray structures into a living environment. The incomplete building on the overcrowded Barakhamba Road, witnesses over ten thousand people pass by every day, belonging to all socio-economic strata, each one demanding a ‘break free’ space during their hectic schedules. 


The intervention idea includes landscape, which can be perceived beyond the cliched definition and focus more on the natural elements which are unobserved from our daily sights yet they play a vital role in bringing a sense of life. The design creates a space, for the working-class people to have their dose of a landscape into their congested air-conditioned office chambered lives!

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