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Bridge | ATL Beltine

Advanced Design I Studio | Fall 2018

Instructor: Michael Gamble

The Atlanta Beltline directly above North Avenue, adjacent to Ponce City Market anchors a neglected bridge that holds a strong potential to be a strong attractor, a landmark - spectacular. Assuming the total demolition of the existing bridge a new nexus is planned along the beltline considering the continuity of the Beltline circuit acknowledging the diverse current users.


The concept focusses on the continuous circulation along the beltline addressing the speeds, accessibility, comfort, and functionality. Highly inspired by the traffic circle, the proposed bridge functions similarly to a round-a-bout and has a circular design that hosts adequate spaces and routes for various users. The proposal holds solutions for improvisations of horizontal and vertical accessibility by providing barrier-free access ramps connecting the North Avenue walkways. 

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