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Artisans' Lab | Shoreditch

Design + Research II Studio | Spring 2020

Instructor: Michael Gamble and Tarek Rakha

The artisans’ laboratory is a center of exploration of arts in the future to research and perform art experiments, fabricate and install them for exhibitions. Studies suggest that the future of arts will be interactive, responsive, and engaging as predicted by the artists in today’s world, leading us to the idea that art no longer will exist in isolation but collaboration. 


With technology and virtual reality taking over, the smaller workspaces would be demolished, and bigger flexible spaces would be developed as per requirement. The architecture adapting to the microclimate of the city, maximizing the daylight, enables the efficiency of the structure. 


Reflecting on the predicted nature of art, the project proposes the creation of a light zone for sensual activities, a dark zone for isolated spaces, and a transitional zone to introduce a subtle switch between both the zones. With the form and zoning dependent on the light received on the site at different levels, the energy utilized by the building is furthermore organized. 

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